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CiACA: Assessment of Carbon Pricing Initiatives In Nigeria

CLN carried out a study with the Federal Ministry of Environment on the assessment of carbon pricing initiatives in Nigeria to support the Nigeria Government in identifying appropriate carbon pricing instruments to address GHG emissions, foster sustainable development, and support the implementation of the NDC commitments that can steer the country towards a low GHG emission trajectory by focusing on mapping the domestic context. The study was to guide policy makers to determine carbon pricing approach(es) that is most adequate for Nigeria and how it should be successfully adapted.

administratorCiACA: Assessment of Carbon Pricing Initiatives In Nigeria
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EDF/CL AS: Fugitive Methane Measurement in Selected African Countries

CLN worked together with CL Oslo in supporting Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) in carrying out a feasibility study to select the most suitable country to host independent methane measurement campaigns in the African region. The aim of the study was to provide an initial step towards a potential measurement campaign that could eventually trigger further methane action in the chosen country and Africa region.

administratorEDF/CL AS: Fugitive Methane Measurement in Selected African Countries
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MRV Framework Nigeria

CLN is working with the Federal Ministry of Environment (FENv.), Department of Climate Change (DCC), and a team of ICAT international consultants to support the Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT) geared towards building capacities to understand and apply tools necessary to Measure, Report and Verify (MRV) Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission and the impact of mitigation actions, as well as to  strengthen the country’s institutional arrangements and processes for MRV policies and actions. The project is ongoing and upon completion, will help in actualizing a sustainable MRV system across the relevant NDC sector and further provide a means to track the country’s NDC performance and ensure an enhanced transparent reporting framework is put in place.

administratorMRV Framework Nigeria
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NDC Climate Registry

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CLN worked with the Federal Ministry of Environment (FMEnv.) to develop an NDC registry for storing information on mitigation and adaptation projects across the seven (7) NDC sectors to allow for easy tracking of NDC progress in each sector. The NDC Climate Registry provides a comprehensive and reliable database where stakeholders and the public can see the status or stages of implementation of various NDC projects and their outcomes.

administratorNDC Climate Registry
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NDC Compilation

As required under the Paris Agreement, each country is expected to update its NDC every five (5) years. Nigeria as a party to the agreement worked on revising her NDC target and CLN was actively involved in the project. CLN worked with the lead company (Ricardo PLC) in the review and compilation of the revised NDC which takes into consideration inputs from the methane regulation work carried out by CATF and CLN.

administratorNDC Compilation
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Methane Regulation

Clean Air Task Force (CATF), USA in collaboration with Carbon-Limits Nigeria and the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) is currently building capacity on fugitive methane emission in the Nigeria oil  and gas sector. CATF has successfully carried out a similar activity in Mexico and is recently working with Carbon Limits in Nigeria and the upstream oil and gas regulator (Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission) to develop methane inventory with the use of CoMAT software. The project also includes assessing and establishing mitigation measures and the development of policies that will support the objectives of including Methane emission and mitigations measures in the country NDC.

administratorMethane Regulation
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NNPC-RED: Climate Strategy and NDC Implementation


CLN worked on developing a climate strategy for the Nigeria National Petroleum Company (NNPC) Renewable Energy Division. Also worked with the division to determine the oil and gas sector Nationally determine Contribution under the Paris agreement which Nigeria is a signatory. The project focuses on the development of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) for the Oil and Gas Sector, GHG inventory, analysis and development of the mitigation-based project, and Carbon management based on international best practices and a robust climate strategy.

NNPC-RED: Climate Strategy and NDC Implementation
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