Carbon Financing Portfolio

Ropeways Cable Car: Lagos Cable Propelled Transit Project

CLN works with Ropeways Transport Limited on the carbon and economic assessment of the Lagos Cable Car Project.

European Union Fuel Quality Directives for Upstream Emission Reductions

CLN is currently working with some indigenous O&G Industries to identify and assess projects that could be developed to achieve certified carbon emission reduction.

Greenville LNG: Replacement of Higher Carbon Fuels by Natural Gas in the Industrial and Power Sector in Nigeria

CLN is working with an LNG producer to develop and register carbon-based emission project under the UNFCCC CDM Programme of Activity (PoA) using the UNFCCC CDM mechanism.

CLN worked on the monitoring and verification of CCGT power plant mitigation projects

CLN working with SPDC in the verification of its CDM project on its Afam VI CCGT power plant which....

Gas Utilization Projects Portfolio Review

CLN worked with Shell Petroleum Development Corporation (SPDC) to develop a CDM portfolio review of gas flare reduction projects included in their oil fields with associated gas.

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