Who We Are:

Carbon-Limits Nigeria (CLN) is a leading consulting company on Climate Change and Sustainable Development and provides project development and technical consultancy services in those areas. Incorporated in Nigeria and based in Lagos, CLN is involved in sectors including upstream oil and gas, electricity, and alternative fuels such as biomass. Since its inception, CLN has been actively involved in implementing projects that reduce GHG emissions under UN Kyoto Protocol (the Clean Development Mechanism, CDM). Recently, the company has been actively involved in the Paris Agreement implementation process, measurement reporting and verification (MRV) system set up in the oil and gas sector, exploring carbon market opportunities for both public and private entities and also has expertise in developing Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) on a sectoral basis.

CLN offers specific and tailored workshops/capacity building services to support private and public institutions; improving their skills and competencies on NDC development – especially on the impacts these will have on various companies – carbon assessment for mitigation, developing climate-based mitigation projects and other climate-related issues.


Carbon-Limits Nigeria (CLN) was established in 2010 as a Joint Venture focused on developing projects that reduce GHG emissions, energy market study and exploring opportunities for the carbon market in Nigeria and throughout Africa. The Joint Venture includes Carbon Limits AS of Norway, a global leader in CDM development in the energy sector, and Nigerian investors with strong knowledge and experience in the domestic economy.

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